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Buy & Sell Gold

Our team at Black Sand FZE is focused on expanding the current volumes of gold that are traded within its UAE-based organisation. Black Sand has humble origins but is growing to become a world class physical gold and precious metals trader.

Precious metals are currently sourced from Africa and South America. We welcome any small, medium or large producers that are looking for a trusted partner to whom to sell their production.

All gold procedures must meet with the OECD guidelines for responsible sourcing of gold.

Black Sand has accounts with all major security supply chain providers to ensure that precious metals are kept safe, from mine to refinery. To secure the peace of mind of our suppliers, banking instruments (SBLC or LC) can be used prior to shipments of the gold for yearly contracts for supply of gold doré.

Please do contact us if you are interested in buying physical gold after the refining process.

KPC and the Responsible Sourcing of Gold

Black Sand conforms to international regulatory bodies, who ensure that all precious metals and diamonds that we source meet with the appropriate guidelines.